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Terms of Service

When you purchase cryptocurrency through Nedbits B.V, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The acquisition involves digital currencies (cryptocurrency) without a constant and fixed value. Upon the acquisition you consent to the value of the selected cryptocurrency as established by Nedbits B.V. determined by that exact point in time.
  2. As a customer you fully comprehend the fact that the value at which you purchase can fluctuate to a notably large extent. Nedbits B.V. does not offer any assurance of any value retention in the future.
  3. We will process Digital Currency Transactions given the data you provide. With regards to the exchange of your digital currency, this occurs through the supply of a signed exchange to the recorded address and broadcasting it to the network like a general ledger. We ensure that we effectively produce and supply the signed transaction and that we will send this exchange out onto the cryptocurrency network in a matter of minutes. Notwithstanding, we have no impact over the further treatment of the exchange by the system and the miners. In the outstanding case that a transaction fails horribly amid the handling of the transaction by the system, you will be able to get help and support from Nedbits B.V.
  4. Digital currency trade rates are volatile and liable to changes. We compute the last sums (in euros and digital currency) at the exact time the transaction process is started and they will show up in the overview page before you finalize the transaction.
  5. Made payments cannot be reversed or undone. This holds true for both the digital currency transactions and the traditional payment methods transactions. It is your responsibility to provide us with the right data (amount of cryptocurrency / euros, destination cryptographic money address). You ought to check all transaction data before submitting the parameters to us.
  6. You ought to supply a digital currency address (per coin) to which you can access (from your wallet). It isn't permitted to utilize our services for an immediate payment to third parties (webshop or other). On the off chance that an address of a third party is given, the client takes full responsibility for the consequences. Nedbits B.V claims all authority to obstruct the transaction and charge you any expenses/rate discrepancies.
  7. If any abuse or fraud is suspected, Nedbits will maintain the authority to the suspension of all transactions, until the security and integrity of the transaction is restored and validated.
  8. As a result of trade rates, Cryptocurrency can't be returned or traded. On the off chance that you wish to forsake your acquisition you can sell the digital currency to Nedbits B.V for the current rates as provided by Nedbits B.V.
  9. Nedbits B.V is built to sell solely to private clients. This is the reason why an invoice is not provided. Business transactions are NOT an option an Value added tax can't be deducted.
  10. Nedbits B.V does not offer any formal assurance that your digital currencies can be purchased later on/nor are any assurances given regarding the sum offered for your digital currency.
  11. To be eligible to use our services, you must be at least 18 years old or have the explicit permission of a parent or legal guardian.
  12. The provided advice regarding secure storage of your digital currency, is purely educational, and does not offer any formal assurance. It is entirely your own responsibility to safely store your cryptocurency.
  13. At the point when new clients put in a request, or put in various requests with a joined amount over the already showed limit (standard 100 euros) for a yet obscure client, clients are obligated to validate the order through a procedure which checks the authenticity. The transfer of Bitcoins can only occur when the identity of the of the client has been affirmed and validated. Given the volatile nature of the exchange rates, buyers are not able to cancel the acquisition agreement, amid the validation procedure (see item 8)

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